I would like to find out about purchasing or renting a new photocopier or printer for my business. Who do I speak to?2018-06-12T21:43:06+01:00

Great choice! You can call our office on 01 4097034 or email us with your query at sales@highline.ie and we’ll get straight back to you. Ask for Brian McDonnell or Robert Pepper.

What brands of machines does Highline Office Technology sell?2018-06-12T21:45:00+01:00

Highline are authorised Olivetti and Epson dealers.

What are Highline Office Technology’s response times?2018-06-12T21:53:47+01:00

Our Service Engineers aim to be with our customers in 4 hours or less from whenever a service call is logged.  If you are an existing Highline customer, please email service@highline.ie with your issue.

What is preventative maintenance?2018-06-12T21:54:22+01:00

Highline operates a preventative maintenance policy.  Parts will be changed out before they run out or breakdown, thereby ensuring no downtime to your business.  Once a part is broken or a technical difficulty arises, it’s harder to fix the machine, so we work a policy of keeping all machines in good working order.

What finance options are available to me for purchasing or renting my printer or photocopier?2018-06-12T21:54:55+01:00

The options are short-term rental, long-term rental, operating lease and purchase.  You can check out some more details on this on our blog.

I have an issue with the scanning function on my machine. Can you help with this?2018-06-12T21:56:01+01:00

Call our office on 01 4097034 or email service@highline.ie and we’ll call you to assess whether it’s an error with the machine or an IT error.  If we feel it’s IT related, we’ll get the contact details of your IT provider and connect with them directly to troubleshoot the problem, thereby easing the pain for your business and ensuring that the problem is quickly fixed.

What are the best-selling machines?2018-06-12T21:57:36+01:00

Currently, our best-selling Olivetti machines are the MF223, MF254, MF454 – all colour copiers.  In the mono range, it’s the 5000MF.

What is a badge number?2018-06-12T21:58:11+01:00

Each machine that Highline Office Technology installs will have a sticker placed on the front of the machine with our contact details on it.  It will also have a unique HL number on it, to help us identify your machine.  If you ring our office with an issue, the first thing that we will ask you, is for the HL or badge number, so that we can trace what machine it is, in order to expedite getting a solution for whatever problem is at hand.

Your office is based in Dublin. Do you offer a nationwide service?2018-06-12T21:58:54+01:00

Yes, absolutely we do.  At Highline Office Technology we operate the length and breadth of the country, so whether you’re a solicitor in Cork, a crèche in Galway, a school in Roscommon, an architect in Wicklow or a furniture supplier in Belfast, we are ready and waiting to help your business succeed.  You can reach us on 01 4097034 or on sales@highline.ie.

What is a Managed Print Service?2018-06-12T21:59:28+01:00

If your company takes a Service Level Agreement with Highline Office Technology, your business automatically has managed print service (MPS).  For a monthly fixed cost, callouts, toners, consumables and labour are all covered when any issues arise with your photocopier, scanner or printer.

Does my business need to avail of a Managed Print Service?2018-06-12T21:59:58+01:00

Our rule of thumb is, if you are spending more than €40 a month on toner, or if your business has more than two printers, then it’s certainly something we’d recommend.  Our aim in Highline Office Technology is to ensure that your business has no downtime and that you can go about your core business and leave us to worry about keeping your printers, photocopiers or MFDs working efficiently.

What is an MFD?2018-06-12T22:00:53+01:00

An MFD is a Multi-Functional Device, i.e. an-in-one printer, scanner and photocopier that has email and fax functionality.

What sizes can an MFD be bought in?2018-06-12T22:01:38+01:00

They can be purchased in A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.

Does Highline Office Technology offer a warranty on its machines?2018-06-12T22:02:23+01:00

Yes, Highline offer a 5-year warranty on all machines where a full-Service Level Agreement is in place.

We are a #StartUp business. We are finding it hard to get credit to allow us to rent new machines as we don’t have a credit history yet. Can Highline Office Technology help us?2018-07-20T15:24:15+01:00

Yes, as Highline Office Technology underwrites all its own business, we are in a position to do a print audit and evaluate each new opportunity on a case by case basis.  Call us today on 01 4097034 or email sales@highline.ie to see how we can assist you and your business thrive.

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