Brian McDonnell Highline Office TechnologyContinuing on with our profiles of #TeamHOT, we turn our focus to Highline’s very own Director of Sales, Brian McDonnell:
Q. How long have you been working in this industry?

A. Between this and IT, it’s been 20 years!

Q. Why did you set up Highline Office Technology?

A. To do it better than the rest.

 Q. What do you love about this industry?

A. The different people you meet and the different types of business. For instance, I met with a company that put the camera lenses on the space station and I actually got to hold one. Also, one of our customers was involved in building the bridge over the Suez Canal; amazing stuff.

Q. Career highlight working with Highline?

A. I couldn’t name one. Every new customer is a highlight for me!

Q. What sets Highline Office Technology apart from the competition?

A. There are only 2 parties in our agreements. Highline and the customer; no 3rd party lease companies, no vulture funds – just the customer and us. 

Q. What do you like about working in Highline?

A. We’re family (so are our customers).

Q. Favourite film?

A. The Godfather

Q. Favourite food?

A. Hard to beat the old fish and chips!

Q. Favourite song/band/singer?

A. When I was 7 years old by Lukas Graham, U2, Johnny Cash.

Q. What are your core strengths?

A. Putting the right people in the right positions in our company.

Q. 5 words to describe #TeamHOT

A. Genial, trustworthy, honest, trustworthy and trustworthy