Highline & Social Responsibility

At Highline Office Technology we believe in marginal gains; consistently looking at improving our business, our processes, upskilling and giving back.


Sunflower Recycling was set up in the inner city of Dublin in December 1995. Sunflower Recycling was established in the North Dock area to create employment in Dublin’s inner city in 1995. Sunflower’s core principles promote a person-centred approach to create employment and combat social exclusion locally, encouraging environmental awareness to the wider community and creating meaningful work and training opportunities within a supportive environment. The materials sunflower collect is paper, cardboard, polystyrene and soft plastic. Sunflower is based at Shamrock Terrace, North Strand Dublin 1- a depot with two vans and a forklift; a sorting bay, offices, canteen, personnel room toilets and showers. These materials are collected from other community groups and local shops and businesses. These are then brought back to our depot where they are sorted, graded and baled. Today the project employs 43 long-term unemployed participants via Community Employment and 5 through the Full Time Jobs Initiative and 4 full time staff.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more, you can visit their website www.sunflowerrecycling.ie or contact Lyndsey at lyndsey@sunflowerrecycling.ie for more details.


Inspiring the Future is another one that we are working with. Why?  Because Inspiring the Future Ireland is changing lives.

About The Programme

You can’t be what you see in the world. Children need successful career role models but sometimes they’re not easy to find – that’s where Inspiring the Future Ireland come in. They have an ever growing network of everyday super heroes and we are proud to say that Highline Office Technology is a huge supporter. Their network includes a huge variety of professionals from CEOs, plumbers, doctors, artists, vets – they bring them to schools and plant the seed of early ambition in young children. And that’s it, an inspiring future is born.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more, you can visit www.inspiringthefuture.ie or contact Sharon Murray at sharon.murray@sdpartnership.ie