Efficient document workflow software

with powerful features

Transform the way you manage and share business documents.

Therefore delivers a fast and efficient flow of information, with secure access, storage, editing and processing.

Built to fit every organisation

Therefore is a flexible, scalable solution designed to fit organisations of any size. From Therefore Personal Edition and Business Edition to the cloud-based Therefore Online, there’s a package for every situation.


Ensure continuity

Therefore’s redundant backup and resilient data repository helps your organisation get back to business following fire, flood or other disasters.

Improve collaboration

Secure, real-time collaboration with smart version control means your employees can work together on the latest documents with confidence.

Analyse & automate

Easily identify process bottlenecks with dynamic ad hoc and automated reporting, plus access to KPIs for both archive and document workflows.

Complete security in the cloud

Your information needs to move with you, and with Therefore Online you can access information quickly and easily, wherever you are, from the cloud. Data is securely backed up and safe from external threats.

The features of information management software

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