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Therefore™ Information Management Software – Canon

Therefore™ Information Management Software is a scalable system created to securely manage, store and process all types of business information.

About Therefore™

Therefore™ works by converting paper-based documentation into electronic documentation and digital workflows.

The secure flow of information is crucial in every office environment, however, the usual methods of arranging, organising and filing information on paper is incredibly time consuming. Therefore™ was designed to assist employees with achieving numerous gains in productivity and efficiency, in turn decreasing time spent on administrative tasks and paper based work, while also dramatically lowering office paper usage.

Why is Going Paperlite Important?

Leaving a paper trail leaves your company’s valuable data exposed to theft, damage and loss. There are also potentially unnecessary costs that come with printing physical files, including ink and paper costs.  Not only is it costly to print large documents, but there are huge negative environmental repercussions to consider when printing, as both toner and paper are causing irreversible damage to our planet.  Organisations will not only save storage space, time and money by increasing the number of electronic files they use, they will also be benefiting the environment.

How Does Therefore™ Work?

Therefore™ boosts information security by offering numerous personalised permission settings, while also increasing employees’ control of information. Therefore™ also offers productivity tools such as workflow and business analytics that strengthen the control business process and give you knowledge of where your documents are within the company.  Therefore™ digitises information into a standardized format, allowing it to become more accessible and manageable. This differs from the Windows’ folder structure – which varies with each user – by offering a uniform storage system which creates a centralised information repository throughout the entire company. Having a consistent solution, know-how is secured throughout the company, allowing data to still be retrieved and processed correctly in the event of a key employee’s absence or departure.

Therefore™ can save both paper and electronic files using a number of different methods. Paper documents can simply be scanned into the system either using Therefore Capture Client, the MFP application, or even by using your favourite third party scanning solution. There is also a drag and drop option available making it incredibly user friendly to upload documents.

Benefits of Using Therefore™

Therefore™ works by automating routine jobs, making mistakes more avoidable and allowing managers to gain an overview of how processes and procedures are running within the company. Processes can even continue when employees are out of the office, as documents such as reports and mail can be viewed and actioned from outside the office walls.

Therefore™ allows users to access their documents and workflows on the go using a mobile app, a web browser, and an offline function. The Therefore™ Mobile App is supported on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. Therefore™ Web Access allows users to view, access, edit, and save their documents in Therefore™ using an internet browser. Finally, users can take documents offline, edit them and then synchronize with the server using Therefore™ Anywhere.

Collaboration and Communication in the Cloud

Platforms like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox make it easy to safely and securely transfer and share information, even for very large file sizes. Since these platforms are so widely used and adoption is only increasing, Therefore™ has integrated these to features into its software to increase your ability to work with these cloud collaborations and storage tools.

To view a video on the benefits of Therefore™, click here.

For a consultation and to assess if Therefore™ is the right solution for your office, call 01 4097034 or email to arrange a meeting.

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