Ways to Boost Office Morale

Simple Ways to Boost Office Morale.

Building a positive office culture is of the utmost importance these days, so let’s think ways to boost office morale.

Mental health is a major topic of discussion, with many people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. Ensuring your workplace has a positive and accepting energy will help your employees in more ways than you know.

Spending 8+ hours a day in a negative office space can cause negativity to trickle into other aspects of a person’s life, but knowing you are arriving to a supportive and encouraging place to work every day can drastically change a person’s mindset for the better.

Below are a few ideas you can consider implementing into your office to help boost employee and office morale.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Are your employees aware of your company’s goals? If not, why not inform them and let your employees know and understand your company’s day to day objectives or even your long-term goals. After all, you are a team and should be working together to reach your company goals. Employees who have the same objectives as the company will be more encouraged and motivated to succeed.

Communication is Key

Providing a platform for employees to express their personalities and inspirations is critical to developing good communication within a company. Having a personal avenue for employees to discuss private matters can encourage problem solving and give unique perspectives, providing balance and trust among your team.  A few examples of chat and collaboration tools are: Slack, Yammer, Skype for Business.

Learn to Say Please and Thank You

Actively showing your appreciation is incredibly beneficial, and studies show that a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Recognition makes your co-workers feel valued, respected and listened to. Make sure to acknowledge when an employee goes above and beyond, or even when they have completed a particularly challenging project. Employees do valuable work, and if you don’t show your appreciation, they will find another employer who does.


One of the most sought-after employee benefits these days is flexible hours. Having the option of flex hours will allow an employee to be more present in their lives outside of work, meaning they will be more involved and focused when they are actually working in the office. Talk with your employees and discuss what kind of work can be done from home and which employees would benefit from working at home. If an employee has to make a long commute to work, it might be beneficial to them to work from home one or two days a week. Not all workers would want flex hours; be sure to aid and listen to those who might need it.

Listen to Your Staff

Having monthly meetings with staff members can tell you a lot. An important part of understanding and improving your office culture is simply listening to your employees.

Ask them how they are doing, if they have too much on their plate or if they are willing to tackle more. Ask them about their overall work experience, are they happy? What can you do to help make their work day better, decrease mundane tasks and help them achieve productivity?

Knowing what your employees are thinking can make a world of difference to your company.

Hosting regular team meetings with an agenda is also advised.  This allows all team members the opportunity to contribute to the success of the company, to air their concerns, ideas, challenges and to develop opportunities.  It’s also a great time for team members to learn from one another. In order to achieve success, it’s important to minute these meetings and to assign accountability for tasks, ownership and a timeline for things to be done and achieved.  If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist!

Treat Your Staff

Be sure to celebrate your employees and their accomplishments. Regular treats such as a birthday cake, a surprise catered breakfast, staff lunches, personalised birthday cards, are all simple ways to let staff members know their work is noticed and that they are appreciated and important members of the company. Employees want to be acknowledged when they hit a personal goal or milestone, and they will feel empowered and encouraged to see when their efforts are noticed.

Remember that there is no bad time to thank your employees for all that they do to make your company what it is.

Reliable Office Equipment

A huge stress in most offices is when the office equipment refuses to do its job. There is nothing more painful than having to call a repairman to fix the printer that was only serviced the week before, problems like these can really affect workers morale and productivity. Machines need to be reliable and capable of their purpose, that’s why at #TeamHOT we will always ensure your machines are running smoothly and are properly serviced and loved.

If your printers and office equipment cause you and your team to be frustrated, hamper productivity and lose precious time, do consider getting a health check on your equipment.  Very often, it can be a case of getting full service carried out.  Machines need their TLC, otherwise, they won’t treat you very well.  It could also be that the machines, be it printers, scanners, copiers, shredders, simply aren’t fit for purpose any longer and they need to be upgraded.

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